Want to be Happy? Take a Break & Travel More !!

Want to be Happy? Take a Break & Travel More !!

ion or sleeping longer hours on weekends. Isn’t it? Yes, these things will surely make you happy, temporarily. Why traveling to different places will make you happier and relieve stress? Read further…

God’s gift to Us!!

God has given us the gift of walking by ensuring strong feet. Else we could have been serpentine animals, lazy and laid back. Eventually, the man traveled to places and started evolving the civilizations. Our ancestors have invented many tools to enable us to travel more. For example, wheel, chariot, Boat, steam engine etc. Now, we are into the age of bullet trains and rockets. So, what are you waiting for? Just utilize this means and travel more. But travel for what? Not for daily work but for a change of place, Why?

Why the change of place?

We are a social animal. We love meeting different people. We like to see new things in life. We like to be out of boredom, doing the same thing again and again. Isn’t it? Imagine a case wherein you are confined to a posh villa for few months with all luxuries, top gadgets and best foods and entertainment in the world. Will you be happy for a long time? I bet, you won’t. You will love this initially and gradually start disliking the place and surrounding. Nothing wrong with you. We are made like that. We want fresh air, change of place, new things always. And most importantly, we want freedom, openness, and space to satisfy our curiosity. So, be social, be what you are meant to be, go out, see the nature and travel more.

Travel for Yourself!!

Many of you, may be wondering that, for job, business, meeting relatives, we always travel to different cities, states, and even countries. What is the new point I am making? The idea is, travel for yourself. Your own body, mind, and soul. The purpose must be, to rejuvenate yourself. In the current times, we are immersed in the day to day activities, responsibilities and ambitions so much that we don’t have time for ourselves. To make it worse, you have smartphones, laptops, TVs etc which can engage you for all 24 Hrs a day. In the digitalized world, we are connected virtually so much that we have disconnected ourselves from our basic nature of wandering. Rather than celebrating the birthday at some new place, we feel satisfied with the celebration on FB and Whatsapp. How many of you have ever imagined, celebrating your marriage anniversary at your Honeymoon site than to celebrate it in some restaurant? Looks weird, right? But think of for some moment. Isn’t it a cool idea to refresh your memories by visiting the same place. Of course, those who didn’t have the luxury of honeymoon tour still could celebrate at some hill station, beach-side or on Cruise. Age is no bar when it comes to celebration. Agreed?

How it helps you to be Happy?

Time and again, mankind has developed his capabilities through traveling more. As the saying goes, those who do not travel have just read one page of his life book. If you keenly study the great philosophers, Saints in the past, you will find that most of them have traveled a lot. In fact, we still refer to travelogues of great explorers like Ibn Battuta, Columbus, Yuan Chwang to understand our country’s socio-economic, cultural history. Many of the continents or countries wouldn’t have been found if these explorers have stopped traveling. Isn’t it?

Of course, we can not be the explorer of this great length as we are confined to our career and life. Hey, but still one can be sort of explorer. Why not start with small trips to the known places in and around your city? There are so many options in today’s world. Gradually, you can move on domestic tours and international tours. There again, choose from different types of tours like Leisure, Family Outings, Adventure, Pilgrimage etc. You have multiple options like FITs, Group Tours or solo traveler. So, what are you waiting for? Google out more or get in touch with us at www.mytraveljunction.com or call us on +91-844-844-8531 to know more. We cater to many destinations in and around Mumbai / Pune, India, Middle East and South East Asia.

Happy Travelling!!

For those of you who have already traveled a lot will surely appreciate my point of view. For the beginners, let me explain why I am pushing you for traveling. The change of place refreshes your mind and body. You meet new people, see different cultures and most of the time appreciate the others or yourself for being in better condition. The bounty of nature surely realizes you that there is more happiness, satisfaction than the rat race of career we are into. On a personal level, you start connecting with your loved ones, how? Because you spend time together actually. Else we know we hardly talk/share with our near and dear ones. (social media talking is not the talking, I believe.) So, give it a try. You can share your experiences with me through comments or email me on info@mytraveljunction.com.

Happy Travelling!!!